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SECC electrolysis sublead galvanized steel sheet.The exterior surface appears gray.

It is a stamping material, which is coated with zinc on the surface of cold rolled plates. Rust and corrosion resistant. The price is higher.


General plate thickness in 0.4~3.2mm.


Japanese electro galvanized thin steel plate applicable brand :SECC(original plate SPCC), SECD(original plate SPCD), SECE(original plate SPCE)


Zinc layer code :E8, E16, E24, E32


Symbols: S-Steel, E-Electroplating, C-Cold, the fourth C-Common, D-DRAW, E-deep drawing, etc.


Zinc layer code :E- electrogalvanizing layer. 8, 16, 24, and 32 indicate the amount of zinc attachment, and the unit is g/m2.


Coating thickness (single side)1.4μ, 4.2μ, 7.0μ.


Surface treatment code: C-chromic acid treatment, O-oiling, P-phosphoric acid treatment, S-chromic acid treatment + oiling, Q-phosphoric acid treatment + oiling, M-no treatment.


Mark: PRODUCT NAME (steel plate or strip), product standard number, brand number, surface treatment category, zinc layer code, specification and size, shape accuracy.


Example marking: steel plate, Standard No. Q/BQB430, grade No. SECC, chromate passivated surface (C), Zinc layer code 20/20, thickness 0.80mm, width 1000mm, ordinary precision (A), length 2000mm, roughness according to ordinary roughness precision Pf.A, Then it is labeled as :Q/BQB 430 SECC-C-20/20 steel plate :0.80B×1000A×2000A-PF.A


SECC surface is coated with oil SECC-O, SECC-N5 fingerprint resistance, SECC-P phosphating.


The main purpose

Car: body plate, radio, fan, air filter, filter, fuel tank.


Household APPLIANCES: REFRIGERATOR, WASHING machine, dryer, air conditioner, VIDEO recorder, CD player, color TV, tape recorder, microwave oven, stereo.


Office machines: photocopier, computer housing, printer, monitor, telex machine.


Building: Door, wall partition, keel.


Production machinery: Agricultural machinery, industrial robots


Clean industry: operating room interior wall decoration


Others: distributor, oil storage tank, motor cover, steel furniture bottom plate.

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