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Electrical steel

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Electrical steel

Electrical steel, also known as silicon steel sheet, is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy in power, electronics and military industries, and is also the largest output of metal functional materials, mainly used as the iron core of various motors, generators and transformers. Its production process is complex, manufacturing technology is strict.

Electrical steel is mainly divided into two categories: grain oriented electrical steel and grain unoriented electrical steel. Orientation electrical steel easily magnetized grain direction distribution along the rolling direction, rolling direction has high magnetic susceptibility, low iron loss and low magnetostriction and other excellent characteristics, but also through the magnetic domain refinement technology processing, to obtain lower iron loss properties, widely used in the transformer industry. Unoriented electrical steel grain direction random distribution, electromagnetic properties are uniform, widely used in the field of motor industry. The dimensional accuracy of.

PerformanceMotors, transformers and other electrical components are generally required to have high efficiency, less power consumption, small size and light weight. The electrical steel plate usually takes the core loss and the magnetic induction strength as the product magnetic guarantee value. Requirements for the performance of electrical steel plate are as follows:

1. Low core loss (PT) 2. High magnetic induction (B) 3. Insulating film has good performance

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