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China Automotive Research and development company intends to set up auto parts company

Date:2021.07.12 Source:Haitu Steel

China securities network China Bari June 24th evening announcement, the company in order to promote the industrialization process of lightweight center, and to Asia Pacific holding company, Hongkong Hongli steel company jointly funded the establishment of auto parts company in Chongqing, R & D and manufacturing business car hot stamping and plastic composite materials, Aluminum Alloy components and other lightweight components.

Statistics show that China Steel Holdings is the largest steel company in Taiwan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Steel Limited by Share Ltd, registered in Singapore in 2000, is a listed company in singapore. Taiwan Steel's main carbon steel and stainless steel production and sales, the main products include: hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, color coated, galvanized steel, electrical steel, plate and wire rod, exports to Asia and other countries, in addition is also involved in the engineering and construction machinery, communications and other fields, and provide investment and information services, and real estate development and leasing services. Pre tax profit of NT billion 500 million in fiscal year 2014.

Hongkong Manulife is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Hongli Auto Parts Co., Ltd., registered in Hongkong in 2014, with a registered capital of 19 million US dollars, mainly engaged in overseas investment. Taiwan Taiwan steel Changchun Yingli, Manulife Taiwan, Zhang y, jianhexing joint venture, located in Taiwan County of Pingtung, built in hot forming production line capacity of 3 million. The registered capital of NT 0 million, of which, Taiwan steel accounted for 30%, accounting for 40% of Taiwan Changchun Yingli, Zhang y, jianhexing each accounted for 15%.

According to the announcement, the registered capital of the auto parts company of China's Automobile Research Institute was RMB 264 million yuan, and the proportion of the company's investment with Sinosteel and Hongkong Manulife was 35%, 10% and 55% respectively. The company will, in accordance with the "integration of resources, the use of advantages and common development" mentality, with the two shareholders cooperation, play their respective advantages, and promote the industrialization of the business development.

According to the relevant person in charge of the China steam Research Institute, the automotive lightweight is the need for energy-saving emission reduction, in line with industry trends in technology development. At present, high strength steel, aluminum alloy, composite materials and other parts in the joint venture brands, independent brands of automotive applications and the number of increasing and increasing. As the major automobile production base in China, Chongqing has great demand for light weight parts. The investment is in line with the company's strategic direction and has the potential to promote industrialization.

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