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Haitu (Shandong) Steel Co., Ltd.

Haitu (Shandong) Steel Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. The annual production capacity can reach 500,000 tons under years of development. We are a leading technical manufacturer in the Stainless steel industry.With continuous development for almost 10 years, the company has established a batch of trusted and reliable suppliers and a stable user group with good quality, variety and complete specifications, and accumulated rich industry knowledge.

Choose our three advantages

Haitu Steel
Stable product quality, the quality of absolute protection

The company has advanced production lines, perfect testing equipment, the production process from raw materials into the factory to the product factory have been carried out strict quality control, product quality has a reliable guarantee. "Adhere to the system management, the implementation of the whole process control, to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory is haitu people to the end of the quality policy.

And more than well-known domestic enterprises to maintain long-term cooperative relations

We take product quality as our guarantee, market demand as our guide, and our sales network is centered in Shandong Province and radiates to the whole country and the world.

Products, all varieties, large inventory! For your multi-directional selection

HaiTu is a stainless steel supplier which contains the sales, processing and distribution of stainless steel coil,stainless steel plate and many other services. The company's products cover a variety of Wuxi stainless steel plate series materials, with a standing inventory of 500,000 tons.

The most intimate logistics and distribution system

Our company has stable long-term cooperation agreements with many famous foreign logistics companies, with fast timeliness and low prices.

Worry-free after-sales service guarantee

We provide you with a perfect customer service system, from pre-sales, production process, after-sales all-round to provide you with real-time service!

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